Noah Lubin “Portrait Study”


Acrylic on canvas “Portriat Study”. signed.

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artist: Noah Lubin (American Born 1979)


The artist was born in 1979 in Chicago into an artistic family, is an American Pop and Neo-Expressionsit painter .His mother had an “art salon” and thus he came into contact with many artists. He always felt he had the vocation to paint, but only in 2008 he revealed himself as an artist with an immediate and overwhelming success. and his works are been exhibit and collected internationally over the past few years.


He uses different media such as acrylic, oil, and markers and mixes them, creating fresh and provocative color combinations. His style is also unique in the combination of Fauvism, Cubism and Neo-Expressionism.


His images often reference popular icons while introducing his own iconography and interpretive language. Lubin’s work is inspired by Contemporary and Modern giants such as Jeff Koons, Basquiat, Ed Pashke, Dubufett, and Karel Appel.

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Dimensions 74.93 × 60.96 cm
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