Peter Hayes

Large and Heavy Stoneware “Family Group”


Height 14.1″


artist: Peter Hayes


Peter Hayes is simply one of the most talented artists in any medium working today.  This large and heavy stoneware family group has a stunning colour and patina to it and is in excellent condition.

As a student Peter’s introduction to ceramics was digging Neolithic iron age and Roman samien shards on archaeological digs in Wales.  This fascination grew through travelling in Africa, India, Nepal, Japan and New Mexico, and his sculptural pieces adopt all these ideas.  He builds up layers of clay combined with burnishing and polishing surfaces to develop texture and form.  This particular piece has an incredible colour to both sides and the central vertical grove adds an extra dimension to this stunning example of Peter’s work.

Peter is now based in Bath but still spends time in India, and creating pieces in Rajasthan has opened his eyes to other materials to incorporate into his sculpture such as glass, marble, steel and stone.

We are huge fans of his work and find it difficult to part with anything we are lucky enough to come across.