Marc Clauzade “La Samaritaine”


Oil on canvas “La Samaritaine”, signed and inscribed verso.
Frame 40.25″ X 40.25″

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artist: Marc Clauzarde (French Born 1957)


The artist was born in Paris in 1957 and distinguished himself early on in life by his drawings which were precise and naturally full of life. His higher education studies as a metal construction draughtsman allowed him to envisage a promising career as an engineer. In 1980, however, he preferred to enroll for six years at Toulouse Art School. Shortly after obtaining his diploma he was awarded a most coveted award for young talents, “The First Great Oil Painting” prize of the “Fiap” Salon in Paris. The prize will be the first of many more.


The young artist thus chooses to teach drawing and painting for beginners. His enthusiastic teaching talents rapidly attract both esteem and friendship from his pupils.


At the same time he opened an eponymous art gallery in the “Rue Perchepinte” in Toulouse. Promising young artists appreciate being presented by one of their own, someone capable of talking of their work with both competence and objectivity. An informed public is found in the “Marc Clauzade Gallery” and critics take pleasure in giving account of his exhibitions.


He is simply one of the most significant contemporary French artists working today, and his originals are highly prized all over the world.

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Dimensions 78.74 × 78.74 cm
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