Dollarsandart AKA Jim Wheat

Artists proof giclee print “Gary Player”

Signed and inscribed

Image  25″ X 25″

Frame 30″ X 30″


artist: Dollarsandart Jim Wheat


We are thrilled to work alongside a truly incredible artist – Jim Wheat.  His enthusiasm for life and determination to help as many people as he meets as possible is as infectious as it is uplifting.

For several years Jim has been working on his “Disruptives” series and we are very lucky to have access to his entire back catalogue.  This artists proof Version 1 “Gary Player” is presented framed and glazed.

Jim Wheat is an abstract, narrative painter and creative who specialises in the use of external influences and emotive responses in the creation of his work.

Wheat was educated in Chester & Wrexham, England and Wales, where he studied Civil Engineering before pursuing a master’s degree in California. Moving to Dubai in 2002, Wheat was influenced by the rich culture and heritage of the emirates combined with the vulgarity of money in the contemporary atmosphere funding the growth of Dubai in the early 2000s. Wheat primarily utilises mixed media, acrylic, screen and pop art prints to create work with a largely narrative response correlating to the emotional prospects of the artist himself connecting through his medium. Wheat’s creation and development of ‘Dollarsandart’ saw inspiration from both materialistic and personal struggles where ‘Dollarsandart’ could be an outlet for the metaphorical constraints of a heavy consumerist society. The organic communication of the US Dollar conveys Wheat’s natural disregard for material satisfaction, emphasising the limitations and negative connotations to money. Collaborating with other artists and celebrities, Wheat has been able to correlate a portfolio of work that has relevance in the contemporary art scene answering to the brief of Wheat’s desire to confront and manipulate society’s relationship with money.

Wheat’s origins in the artistic community began with the publication of his first book, ‘Go Smell the flowers’ adding a sense of vulnerability and a need to explore unconventional avenues. Through Wheat’s literary talents, his keen application of emotive stimuli entwines with his strong artistic practice. Wheat is further planning a second book, ‘Go smell the coffee’ in which his journey through the calms and turbulence of Wheat’s careers are recorded. Wheat’s shift of focus following the advent realising the value of self-worth applies to others as well as himself has enabled him to harness his talents and share with others the skills he has learned throughout his career. Wheat primarily focuses on holding improved self-belief and performance training workshops with groups, sports associations, corporate enterprises and communities whilst maintaining his relentless body of work as the dance continues.

Wheat has a large involvement in facilitating workshops that aim to engage and inspire thus generating opportunity in the process. His wealth of experience in the marketing and promotional sector allows Wheat to facilitate and conduct:

• Strategic & creative training days for performance and well-being

• Workshops with drive and the power to improve team performance

• Creative workshops at HMP Berwyn, Wrexham with a view it improving engagement of both residents and staff.

• Best of British themed creative workshops with the Life Skills of the gifted young adults at Colleg Cambria, Northop in association with The British Heart Foundation.

• Kidneys for life, Joining Jack, British Heart Foundation, Finding your Feet and Claire house are example of benefactors of Wheat’s relentless enthusiasm and his body of work to date .