David Roberts (Born 1947)

Large raku vessel

Height 10″

Diameter 11.25″



artist: David Roberts


David Roberts was born in 1947 and is one of the world’s leading artists using the Raku technique in his pottery.  This large vessel has wonderful lustre stripes and the colours change from cream to pink to blue and purple, and is very similar in decoration to the example in the Victoria and Albert Museum dated as being produced in 1983 (Cat. 550).  This pieces is in excellent condition.

As a distinguished English potter, he has developed an international reputation as a leading practitioner in the art of Raku ceramics.  Roberts is acknowledged as responsible for the introduction and promotion of modern, large scale Raku in Europe. He has also been instrumental in its re-introduction to the United States of America, where his example has played a key role in the foundation of the ‘Naked Raku’ movement.

All his work is coil built and Raku fired. Prior to firing, some surfaces are burnished using various levigated slips. Biscuit firing is between 1000C & 1100C. The Raku firing is between 850C & 950C and is completed by a prolonged smoking and cooling process. Finally the pots are cleaned and where applicable sealed with a natural wax.