CLARE SYKES “Autumn Wears Peach”


Acrylic on canvas “Autumn Wears Peach” signed with monogram and inscribed verso with full details.
Frame 29.25″ X 29.25″

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artist: Clare Sykes (Contemporary)


The artists striking floral statements are characterised by three major elements; passion, texture and expressive free movement. She allows the paint to flow naturally then manipulates it to create thick textured layers resulting in breathtaking images.


The paintings are created using a range of mixed media that generate great depth and vibrancy including inks and oils. The use of impasto builds up the image giving her a distinctive style combined with bold colour choices. She works from her home studio, always in silence, and prefers to paint alone with her emotions and imagination. Despite painting at home, her experience of living in the Mediterranean influences her use of colour, and she describes her art as part of herself expressed on canvas.


Her works are sold in Australia, South East Asia and the USA, and now she is having a significant impact in the UK.

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Dimensions 60.96 × 60.96 cm
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